Kamis, 10 September 2009

Opera Turbo 10.10.1767b Portable Multilanguage

Size : 24.6 MB
Opera Turbo, a browsing-on-steroids solution that will cover Opera Desktop, Opera Mobile and Opera Devices SDK. Opera Turbo, the browser maker argued, comes to respond to increasing mobility and on-the-go connectivity needs of end users, who are relying on wireless and mobile-Internet connections. For them Opera promises consistent gains in speed correlated with traffic compression. Opera Turbo will be made available as a server-side solution, and will not have a client-side component, functioning in tandem with the variants of the Opera browser.

“One of the key challenges for enabling mobile access to the Internet is bandwidth optimization. Data compression will enable sustainability and scalability of networks in order to meet traffic demands and ultimately ensure a high quality browsing experience. The Opera Turbo solution was designed to manage these challenges, compressing network traffic by up to 80%. On laptops, Opera Turbo compresses traffic by 71%, while, on a mobile phone, the average compression rate is 80%. This high level of data compression ensures the scalability of network resources, enabling more users to receive a high quality browsing experience,” Opera added.

Opera indicated that Opera Turbo would not transcode the pages in the compression process, and that it would offer support even for dynamic Web technologies such as Ajax and Flash. What is important to understand is that the solution is not aimed exclusively at mobile phones, but also at desktops and laptops, connected to the Internet via wireless, broadband, even through dial-up modems. Opera Turbo will be launched at the Mobile World Congress 2009.



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